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The Many Faces of the Teacher 2009 [Presentation Thursdays] July 29, 2010

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Presentations, The Daily Grind.

If you’ve looked through the work-related presentations I’ve posted on this blog, you’d have noticed that Bato Balani Foundation has an advocacy campaign called “The Many Faces of the Teacher” that we’ve been staging every year since 2004. In broad strokes, it’s a campaign where we seek to find exemplary educators in the Philippines, individuals who are not simply good at teaching but role models for future educators because of their devotion to their calling.

It turns out that tomorrow we’ll be convening our advocacy review board to select the 2010 batch of honorees for the campaign. Since I have to make a presentation for that session, I thought it appropriate to post here the slide deck that I prepared last year introducing the 2009 batch of honorees (actually, for tomorrow I’ll just be modifying this presentation slightly to make my life a little easier):

View this presentation on Slideshare.

It might interest some of you to know that at the press conference this was prepared for, I never got to use the presentation. There was a mix-up with the arrangements and the staff at the technical booth ended up loading a backup slide deck that was prepared in case I didn’t have one ready. Such things happen, of course, so at the very least I get to post this deck here for posterity.


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