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What I Expect from a Restaurant October 9, 2009

Posted by Brian L. Belen in The Daily Grind.
  • Everyone’s meal, for each course, is served at the same time. More, waiters don’t ask or need a cheat sheet to ascertain who gets which dish they’re serving.
  • Ladies are always served first.
  • Waiters serve you consistently from the same side (usually on your right, depending on the table layout).
  • You are told before you order, or as you’re doing so, what is or isn’t available from the menu.
  • You aren’t interrupted at inopportune moments with the pithy question “how’s everyone doing?”
  • You are asked if the order is complete only as a courtesy: the waiter knows exactly what’s still on the way, and can, in fact tell you as much.
  • The one taking your order can describe everything on the menu well and offer some other relevant information besides.
  • You can ask any server for something, even if you’re not in their station.
  • Even if it isn’t Burger King, and so long as it isn’t outrageous, you can have it your way.
  • If you didn’t like something, it’s comped on your bill.

Danny Meyer summarizes most if not all of these as three things: good cuisine, superior knowledge and excellent hospitality. That’s why he’s a successful restaurateur with a bestselling book, and I’m just some guy who likes to eat out from time to time who writes on a blog of limited readership.


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