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In-Flight Entertainment 12 September 3, 2009

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Reviews, Up and Away.

Between the short flight and the lack of anything I particularly wanted to watch that I hadn’t seen yet, I decided to settle on purely kid-friendly flicks this time around:

Coraline. Visually stunning, no doubt. I particularly liked the facial expressions the animators were able give the eponymous title character, voiced superbly by Dakota Fanning. That aside, however, the movie’s one glorious snooze-fest. Yes, I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman. Yes, I read the book. But I’m glad I didn’t waste time to watch it in theaters. The surreal pace that underlies the story just didn’t jive well with me onscreen, and overall I came away feeling that this was a perfect example of where the written word undeniably trumps what visual media have to offer.

Monsters vs. Aliens. An enjoyable riff on the disaster movie genre. What it has going for it is that it’s straightforward, you know what to expect coming into it, and in the end the film delivers. This is what Mars Attacks! could’ve been but never really was. Besides, it’s monsters! Fighting aliens! Which is awesome! Oh, and why is it that Seth Rogen manages to land the best roles in these kinds of films?



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