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The Wisdom of the Funny Pages August 26, 2009

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Comics.

Ten things you learn by reading comic books:

1.) With great power comes great responsibility.

2.) Eyeglasses can be a surprisingly effective disguise.

3.) Criminals are a cowardly and suspicious lot.

4.) Your arch-nemesis is likely to be a long-lost sibling, childhood friend, former sidekick or spurned lover.

5.) Spandex never goes out of style. Corollary: Wearing your underwear over your pants is more than just a fashion statement.

6.) No one ever really dies. Corollary 1: Everyone comes back to life, eventually. Corollary 2: Unless you see the body, you can’t be sure they’re actually dead (and sometimes not even then).

7.) History and canon are subject to change without prior notice.

8.) Female characters are more likely to end up in refrigerators than not.

9.) The best time for the wicked cool “aha!” speech is right before your moment of triumph (which for bad guys, often precedes their moment of defeat).

10.) All secret headquarters are larger on the inside than on the outside.



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