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Disconnect June 25, 2009

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Books, Comics, Ramblings.

If you know me, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s difficult to pigeonhole exactly what I’m like. Unless you hate my bleeding guts, that is — but that’s another story entirely.

Assume for the moment that this blog is really a reflection of what my personality is like. Then what am I about, exactly, considering that I can write about heady stuff — economics, politics, philosophy and so on — one moment and completely geek out — on technology, comics, video games and anything else in between — the next?

I’ve always thought being wired a little differently made me (somewhat) interesting, but there was a moment the other day when this “disconnect” really gave me pause.

It was at a bookstore, as I queued up at the register. I had only two things on me:

In one hand, a copy of Alan Beattie’s (he of the Financial Times) False Economy: A Surprising Economic History of the World.

In the other, DC Comics’ Final Crisis.

I leave it to you to figure out which one I really went to the bookstore for, and which one was the impulse buy.



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