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Dissertating 8 August 10, 2008

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Academically Speaking.

Will keep this update short as I’m rushing some work before my trip back to NY later this week. Suffice it to say that it was an eventful — if trying — week on the dissertation front. After overcoming some hiccups (re)learning how to manipulate R to do what I need it to do, I’ve managed to begin some analytical work to augment Proposal Zero, which has been both frustrating and encouraging. There’ve been a few regression results I still can’t make heads or tails of, and at this early stage I’ve had to make adjustments to my initial ideas (both of which are normal yet constitute the “frustrating” bit), but beyond that I’m beginning to get into my programming stride and have come to a better appreciation of some econometrics concepts (such as unit roots and stationarity) I mistakenly thought I already understood (and yes, this is the “encouraging” part).

Also, I’ve finally figured out how to convert my R output into html, which means that at some stage I will be able to post exactly what I’ve been up to in greater detail. But I’ll only begin doing so once I get initial feedback on Proposal Zero (still pending) and this initial number-crunching — provided, of course, the effort doesn’t prove to be an unwarranted distraction.



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