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Dissertating 6 July 30, 2008

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Academically Speaking.

It’s time yet again for another dissertation update! What’s that you say? There was no update last week? And this one’s late? My, aren’t my readers an observant and demanding bunch!

First, an explanation is in order: last week’s update fell by the wayside because all I really had to report was, just like the week before, “draft zero” wasn’t quite done yet. I was able to finish it the very next day, and it took me an additional one just to give it a bit of extra polish before sending it out, so now I continue to wait in eager/anxious anticipation for some feedback from the powers that be.

This week’s update, however, got hijacked mostly by work, to some degree partly owing to neglect, but entirely because of the need to take a step back and let things settle a bit. A younger version of me (perhaps the one fresh out of college) could probably keep at the research day in and day out with singleminded purpose; were I to do so now, I’d probably go stir crazy. It’s hard to explain why, exactly, but it’s a monkey I can’t seem to get off my back. Anyway, after taking it a little bit easier I find myself back on track, with most of the past week devoted to data collection and formatting –– a task that is shaping up to be tedious and exceedingly time-consuming. Hopefully the number crunching to follow will offer some material of substance to write about. Heaven knows most of my posts of late (dissertation-related or otherwise) have been less than inspired.



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