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#302 July 25, 2008

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Odds and Ends.

A bunch of interesting articles that caught my attention this week:

First, this informative piece from Cnet.com regarding good housekeeping for online passwords. I’ve agonized over my own fair share of internet passwords (not to mention forgotten them), so this one just sort of resonated with me.

In sports news, I was sad to hear that Gilberto Silva has officially left Arsenal. The writing was on the wall, I suppose, given his age and considering that the squad’s captaincy was offered to William Gallas instead after both Thierry Henry and Sol Campbell left the squad. But to me Gilberto was one of the best, and the elegance with which this tribute was written is the stuff of which great sports journalism is made.

With regard to more serious news, I came across this New York Times article about the ugly reality of corporate layoffs. It’s a timely read (no pun intended) of the usual stuff for which the paper is renown.

Meanwhile, I stumbled across this brief piece about a business school entrance test scandal over on the Economist. The memory of my grad school applications is still quite fresh in my mind, so it goes without saying that this one struck a nerve.

Finally, the great folks over at Wired offered up two very entertaining reads. To begin with, they put together a gallery of the best Star Wars fan remakes out there. Lots of laughs, that. For something more cerebral, there’s also a great science piece on why magic tricks work the way they do. It’s oddly bizarre, if subtly informative.



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