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Dissertating 4 July 6, 2008

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Academically Speaking.

A particularly busy week work-wise saw little forward progress dissertation-wise, but “little” is better than “none”.

The greater part of what I accomplished this week still lay in the annotated bibliography, to which I added the following resources:

Adams, Richard Jr. H., 2006. “International remittances and the household: Analysis and review of global evidence,” Journal of African Economies, Vol. 15, AERC Supplement 2, pp. 396-425.

_____________., 1991. “The economic uses and impact of international remittances in rural Egypt,” Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol. 39, No. 4 (Jul. 1991), pp. 695-722.

Ku, Hyejin, 2008. A model of international migration, remittances and real exchange rates. http://mailer.fsu.edu/~hku/remit-ku.pdf

Capistrano, Loradel O. and Maria Lourdes C. Sta. Maria, 2007. “The impact of labor migration and OFW remittances on poverty in the Philippines.” UPSE Discussion Paper No. 2007-06 (Diliman: University of the Philippines School of Economics).

Gheeraert, Laurent and Ritha Sukadi, 2007. “How remittances impact national accounts – A macro analysis.” Centre Emile Bernheim Research Institute in Management Sciences Working Paper No. 07/039 (Brussels: Solvay Business School).

Molina, Juan Jose F., 2006. Remittances, investment and school enrollment in developing countries. Doctoral Dissertation, Fordham University.

San Andres, Emmanuel A., 2006. “An analysis of remittance recipient bahaviour”. Paper presented at the Parallel Session on Familiar Themes, Fresh Perspectives during the 44th Philippine Economic Society Annual Meeting, 21-22 November 2006.

Tan, Edita A., 2006. “Overseas Filipinos’ remittance behavior.” UPSE Discussion Paper No. 2006-03 (Diliman: University of the Philippines School of Economics).

As it stands, I’m already quite satisfied with the materials I have on hand, so I’ll be moving on to going through them at length. Will still be on the lookout for more and better references, but from this point forward I don’t want to devote too much time on the paper chase anymore, so to speak.

Also, began hunting down data for a little side-project that I think can be accomplished before or coterminus with the dissertation. Honestly, it’s more armchair curiosity, but I might be able to make use of it somehow as it’s related to what I’m already looking into (so it can only help). Thankfully, it’s no big loss if it doesn’t quite pan out, either. Will see how it goes.



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