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Chrono Trigger DS? Thank You Squeenix! July 2, 2008

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Video Games.

I swore to myself I’d avoid using my blog in this way, but I have to let it out:

Chrono Trigger is coming to the Nintendo DS. North American release (in my opinion, likely to be pushed back) will be this holiday season.

Based on the information out there, it’s a port with added features — full touch screen functionality, dual screen support, an extra dungeon and WiFi multiplayer battles. And while I’m certain that there are throngs of fans out there simply disappointed that this isn’t a straight-up sequel, the news just keeps bringing a smile to my face.

Hot damn. Can’t wait.

[Square-Enix confirms Chrono Trigger DS (Kotaku)]



1. kataztrophy - July 3, 2008

Square has neglected The Enix properties so much, I almost forgot about the merger between the two companies. It’ll be good to see a non FF branded RPG from them.

2. Brian L. Belen - July 3, 2008

I never really followed the Enix games, but I agree that Squeenix have been cashing on the FF properties quite a bit.

Over in Japan though, they’re still making a killing on everything Dragon Quest. (Also, wasn’t Chrono Trigger a Square property?)

Thanks for reading!

3. kataztrophy - July 3, 2008

You’re right, it is a Square property. It’s been so long since they released a Chrono game I had a lasp on memory on which company created it.

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