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Lunchbags April 10, 2008

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Odds and Ends.

It would seem that Mike Kunkel has been at it again.

Previously, the talented animator became a serious contender for “best dad ever” through his “Kids in the Class” project. But this doting father apparently has been doing much more to make his kids’ trips to school extra special. These past few years, it turns out, he’s been doodling on his son’s and daughter’s brown paper bags each time his turn would come around to prepare their lunches. If it were anyone else this might not seem out of the ordinary; but this is Mike Kunkel we’re talking about, so it’s easy to imagine how amusing those illustrations must have been.

True enough, the lunchbags became a big hit at the school among teachers and students alike, so much so that he’s decided to collect his favorite ones in a book and showcase the actual ones at a few art galleries. Mike explains it better himself, and one can only hope that the blog he’s set up will show them off at some point because these lunchbags are just too cool for school.

[Read: What are Lunchbags? (via Mike Kunkel’s Lunchbags)]



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