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True Jedi March 20, 2008

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Reviews, Video Games.

I have become quietly addicted to Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

It’s not like the game is new: it’s prior release on every platform in at least two other separate incarnations allowed me to hedge my bets (correctly, I might add) and just wait for a collected Wii port. Nor is the game particularly well designed: in fact, it is mostly quite the opposite, with many a frustrating moment caused by terrible camera angles, character control, or stage layout.

Yet for all that I can’t keep from playing the game, struggling to unlock all the extras and gain “True Jedi” status in every level. Why? Simply because none of what’s wrong with the game really matters, because it gets so many other things right.

Ultimately, the combination of Lego and Star Wars is just ripe for a geekgasm and utterly irresistible, to boot. In many ways, it brings back much of the charm that made the original trilogy a smashing success, warts and all, while also doing justice to what the prequels tried to be but never were (while they were a travesty in theaters, in Lego Star Wars they’re fantastic!). All this while poking fun at the Star Wars legacy with a lot of off-kilter and insider humor that’s just right on.

It also helps that, even in Lego form, Darth Maul is wicked cool. That alone is enough reason to pick up the game and lose oneself a long time ago in a (Lego) galaxy far, far away.



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