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Kirby Canvas Curse February 24, 2008

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Reviews, Video Games.

Some time ago, I picked up a used copy of Kirby Canvas Curse, a relative oldie but goodie for the Nintendo DS. Built around the premise of guiding Kirby (who’s been transformed into a ball) through several stages by drawing paths for him to follow on the touch screen, it’s good clean fun that’s as simple as it can get.

Although it isn’t a groundbreaking revolution in gaming and lacks the gloss of other titles — every time I play, I half-expect Kirby to rocket through each stage much like Sonic the Hedgehog — what will prevent even serious gamers from writing this one off are Canvas Curse’s level design and unlockables. With regard to the former, some of the stages can be positively devious (in a fun sort of way), requiring multiple playthroughs just to find everything that they have to offer. As for the latter, the game has enough unlockables to keep obsessive completists at it for hours. While the resulting rewards are admittedly a tad underwhelming, they nevertheless give this otherwise short game a little more mileage: I finished it the first time a shade under six and a half hours and later on completed it after logging in over twenty.

Anyone who can find a copy (did I mention I got mine used?) would do well to add Kirby Canvas Curse to their library.



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