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Media Player = Not PDA September 14, 2007

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Technology.

It would appear that the web is awash with the news that the iPod Touch’s built-in calendar has been crippled. Presumably a move to differentiate it from the iPhone, the latest generation iPod will have a calendar only as functional as that of its numerous predecessors; that is to say, users will be able to view their appointments, but not add to them on the fly.

While it’s hard to gauge whether this will in fact be the case, I have no reason to doubt it: on the subway, I happened to be standing across a fellow that did have an iPod Touch (!), and who spent the entire trip between stations literally pounding on the touch screen in a desperate attempt to see whether he could add items to his calendar (no dice). Oh sure, I still want one, but let’s just say it’s become ever so slightly less appealing an idea.



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