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Re-Wired, Unwired, Wiired August 10, 2007

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Technology, Video Games.


The ongoing saga with my internet service provider came to a head today with the unexpected arrival at our doorstep by a service technician.

Naturally, it was quite a surprise. Apparently, technical support representatives were trying to get in touch with me yesterday via the phone line we had transferred precisely to inform me that they were sending someone over to finally sort things out. Unfortunately, it so happened that the telephone I pilfered from the old house was one whose ringer has ceased to work, so all their calls went unanswered. Thus, our ISP sent someone over all the same, and I had to cut short a meeting I’d just arrived at in order to rush home and talk to the guy, since the laptop I brought with me was the one needed to test whether the connection was already working.

Obviously everything has turned out for the best, proving yet again that good things come to those who wait very impatiently. Or something like that.


In the plans for the new house, my parents had the foresight to ask that the rooms be wired for LAN functionality, all in all a good idea considering the limited range of our older wi-fi network. Unfortunately, none of us seem to know how to get the LAN to work as it should.

After an afternoon spent in what feels like a Networking 101 crash course I seem to be back where I started, if not a few steps behind: not only am I thoroughly confused with regard to the router’s configurations, I also have a pair of what are apparently the wrong kind of ethernet cables (I got “straight” ones, and since they don’t work I’m beginning to guess that we need a couple of the “cross” variety to get things going).

I’m all for technology, but there really has to be an easier way to go about all this. Suddenly, the prospect of having to huddle in front of the router like moths to a flame doesn’t seem all that bad. I suddenly remember why we invested in that clunky ol’ thing to begin with.


Of course, I have the slight advantage that the router is situated right outside my door, meaning that the signal is actually quite strong everywhere in my room.

That being the case, I figured this would be the perfect time to see whether I’d have any problems accessing the internet via the Wii here in the Philippines. Doing so was always an issue in the old house seeing as the internet service itself became painfully slow (something to do with the grid, I’ve been told) and our wireless network just couldn’t quite reach the Wii, given where it was located. Thankfully, after firing it up and waiting for what seemed like an eternity (yeah, still painfully slow, but more like a throbbing pain rather than anything terminal), it worked as expected, allowing me to perform a system update, see for the first time in months what new Virtual Console games are available, and check out other goodies.

And yes, nothing beats being able to see my blog on my tv (as if I haven’t done that before). But that’s just my vanity talking.



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