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Have Visa(s) Will Travel May 1, 2007

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Ramblings, Up and Away.

It took a month, but I now have both the visas needed for this year’s summer trip. Of course, there was one last ditch effort by “the system” to screw me over, with yet another consular officer giving the old “Can I see the other country’s visa first?” routine another go. Thankfully, even the illogic of bureaucracy has its limits.

Based on this month-long experience, I find that there’s really no better substitute for dealing reasonably with a reasonable person. The latter appears to be both a necessary and sufficient condition for getting things done. I am also of the opinion that that the more reasonable a person is, the more genuine their courtesy towards others. I’m sure these observations are self-evident in so many other aspects of life, but they derive particular poignancy given the setting in question.

Further, I’ve noticed that there are more ways than one for foreign embassies to “love their own”. It’s only fair for an embassy to extend preferential treatment to their own citizens: separate lines, priority processing, and similar practices are just par for the course. But Embassy B has this down to a science: not only are their citizens received in a separate area where they are attended to in a much more timely fashion, but the staff seeing to them are also so much more attractive.

Two visas in hand, and two weeks to go before I get to actually use them. These are gonna be a long two weeks!



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