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“Kids in the Class” March 4, 2007

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Odds and Ends.

Growing up, I thought I’d seen every possible variation of the school fundraiser. Yearbook drives, bake sales, raffles and bingo socials, just to name a few, were the usual fare whenever the school I happened to be attending needed the cash for some project or another.

Apparently, when you’re the child of a world-class animator, things are so much more interesting.

At his daughter’s school, The Astonish Factory’s Mike Kunkel decided to contribute an illustrated book for a fundraising auction. The difference, however, is that the book that he’ll be illustrating will feature the different kids in his daughter’s class playing their favorite sport and with their favorite animal.

Now isn’t that sweet?

Mike has stated that he’ll be posting the finished “Kids in the Class” illustrations in separate entries at his blog over the next couple of weeks, and what he’s put together so far look awesome. Personally, I was stoked just reading about the project. I can just imagine how excited the kids are.



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