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Well Color Me Shuffled! January 31, 2007

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Show and Tell, Technology.

Apple Computer announced yesterday that the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle will now come in four new colors. Amazingly, even orange looks nice.

Now will someone get me one in blue? Please?



1. Vincent - February 1, 2007

I know shuffle is for athletes. Yet, I still think that it’s a glorified usb disk and the whole marketing ploy that “life is random” is hokey for me. Why would anyone not want the power to choose and play the songs he wants immediately? I guess I am just a control freak.

2. Brian L. Belen - February 1, 2007

Ah yes. But if someone gave you one, you’d keep it, wouldn’t you?

Seriously now:

When the first Shuffle came out, I got one precisely because I thought of it as a USB drive++. This second gen model is slightly less useful from that standpoint since you need its dock to be able to connect to a computer.

I agree that this Shuffle is ideal for athletes, and from experience, commuters, too. With respect to your other sentimentes, however, I think you’re missing the point. It’s not that people “don’t want” the ability to play specific songs on demand; of course they do. But would they be willing to give up a certain degree of that freedom to have a cheap and portable player? I say just a certain degree of that freedom because they’ll fill it up with songs that they like anyway, so no matter how you look at it they get to hear something they like.

You’d be surprised: it works pretty well given the limitations. And for $80, I’d say it packs a lot of value for money.

3. barookie - February 1, 2007

i love the blue one as well! hehehe! though i already have a 1gb nano. maybe i should think about trading it in!


4. Brian L. Belen - February 2, 2007

Don’t; you’d be downgrading. As Vincent pointed out above, the key advantage of the Nano is that you at least have a screen.

Of course, you may want to trade in your Nano for the larger capacity blue variety of the same.

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