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I (heart) Apple January 11, 2007

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Technology.

After weeks of cryptic teasers about how the past was just precedent, the Macworld Expo has come and gone, and Steve Jobs must be tickled pink about the frenzy he’s causing among technophiles the world over.

First, the much-anticipated iPhone (a.k.a Sexiest. Device. Ever.). Based on the available information, it is a widescreen iPod, personal digital assistant, 2-megapixel camera and quad-band celphone rolled into one. The large screen is a touchscreen that works in a manner similar to the slider found on most iPods, and the stock applications seem to be very similar to Mail, Safari, Calendar and Address Book on any Mac computer (on this note, the SMS function looks very much like iChat, which is just amazing). Wi-Fi, EDGE and Bluetooth connectivity have also been promised, giving it a whole lot more flexibility than existing PDAs on the market.

To be expected, it doesn’t come cheap (whenever that that will be). Apple is looking at coming out with two models: a 4GB one priced at around $500, and an 8GB model that will fetch around $600. Both, however, will come with a two-year service plan in the United States (care of Cingular Wireless), which presumably makes it cheaper than it really should be. No word yet if an unlocked model will be available, or for how much.

Next, Apple tv. Best decribed as an intermediary between a computer and a TV, the device will allow users to play their digital media content from the former onto the latter. This makes sense for people with a lot of downloaded video content that previously could only be watched on a computer screen. Naturally, this product should work seamlessly with iTunes (and Apple does in fact promise that newly added content to a user’s iTunes library automatically updates on Apple tv). All this for the low, low price of $300.

More information on both devices can be found on the Apple website, the source of the screenshots above. In particular, the iPhone has a really impressive features tour that’s well worth the time viewing.



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