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Get Your Geek On November 1, 2006

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Video Games.

Wii Pre-Launch

I received word today that the Nintendo World store over at Rockefeller Center has been remodelled with 12 Wii stations. Don’t know if these are already up and running (Nintendo World has been undergoing renovations for precisely this purpose all of last month), but the general public can try out the console this November 4th during the Wii party the store will be having all day. Click on the picture on the right for further details.

The Wii itself launches on November 19th.

Final Fantasy III

Square Enix has updated their Final Fantasy III website . The Nintendo DS title, due out in the US on November 14th, is a completely remade version of the original Final Fantasy III that never found its way to Western shores (i.e. it’s not a port).

There are more screenshots, a new 15 second trailer, wallpapers and more information on game features such as Mognet and the in-game job system that should be familiar to fans of the older Final Fantasy installments (and looks to be a lot of work – no pun intended!).

While at Square’s main page, check out Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 as well. It launched yesterday and might just be the last great title for the PS2 after Okami.



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