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Regularly Scheduled Programming September 5, 2006

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Ramblings.

My plan to hole up today (Labor Day in the US) and get some studying done was sabotaged by a sudden internet outage. Apparently, there was a network problem in my area, which took at least nine hours for my internet provider to address.

(Okay, fine: that’s a cop-out. I’ve been overwhelmed by laziness lately, so even if I was able to download the materials I needed to go over I probably wouldn’t have studied anyway. Or maybe I just underestimate myself.)

Meanwhile, today was a very good day for US Open action. The weather has cleared up quite nicely, so there’s been a scramble to be done with all the rain-delayed matches from the weekend, making for a lot of tennis on TV. That is, if you know where to find it. It turns out that throughout the day, the tournament would air on no less than three channels: CBS for the late morning to afternoon sessions, USA for the early evening match and CNBC (yes, the news channel) for the late evening match.

I suppose this allows each of the channels to share in the viewership the Open attracts without sacrificing too much of their airtime. But it’s inefficient: it still doesn’t allow viewers to catch games going on simultaneously with the one(s) being broadcast.

Can’t win them all, I guess.



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