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Details July 28, 2006

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Odds and Ends.

I spent the past few days going through a bunch of DVDs while working on a few projects at home. Particularly, I ended up watching Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl as well as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. While it’s not the first time I’ve watched these (it’s more like the Nth time for both, actually) I did notice some things I hadn’t before, which had me grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day.

First, Pirates. I couldn’t help but pop my copy into the player again since I got to see (and enjoy) the second already. When I left the theater after watching Dead Man’s Chest, the one thing I wondered in retrospect was why on earth the crew of the Pearl ended up on that cannibal island. Sure the entire sequence was action-packed and full of laughs, but the more I thought about it, the sequence also felt like one of those things a director/writer/producer thinks up on a whim to throw into a movie short of the kitchen sink.

Then it all came together as I was watching the first installment again.

Aide memoir: When Jack makes his debut at Port Royal, he tries to steal a ship and is stopped by two bumbling guards. The scene cuts to Norrington’s promotion, where he asks to speak to Elizabeth privately, by the cliff edge. Thereafter, Elizabeth faints and falls down the cliff. At this point, the scene cuts to Jack and the guards, with Elizabeth falling in the background. Before she hits the water, viewers can hear Jack explaining to the guards, “…and they made me their chief…”

Or something like that. One way or another, it was an interesting way of establishing continuity between the films.

Next, Advent Children. Anyone who’s ever played FFVII must own this one; it’s the film that Spirits Within should’ve been but infinitely better, even if it might only be appreciated by fans of the video game. Now the creative team behind this release really went to painstaking lengths to please fans, so I’m sure if one tries hard enough there are plenty of little details all around (Cloud and Tifa’s limit breaks come to mind). I think I caught the most understated one, and in plain sight.

If one looks carefully, I think all the protagonists are wearing a ribbon on their arms. This is most noticeable when the entire party comes together to take down Bahamut, and it’s obvious when Cloud rips off the sleeve from his robe. For those who aren’t familiar or don’t recall, ribbons are probably the most useful accessory in the video game; while they hardly (or probably don’t) enhance a character’s statistics, they do nullify all status effects (useful when ambushed by a pack of Malboros).

One more little detail in the movie that I did appreciate was Cloud’s storage for his swords on the motorcycle. This was certainly license on the part of the creative team, but it did help explain how he could carry all those swords with him throughout the game.

I don’t particularly consider myself a film buff, nor do I go to extreme lengths to catch little easter eggs or goofs in movies (for the life of me, I still can’t find that Stormtrooper that bumps his head on the doorjamb in the Death Star in A New Hope). But details like these make me understand how some people can obsess over such things. More power to them.



1. Jon Z. - July 28, 2006

i LOVED advent children… even though i had to dowload it in 9 parts on youtube.


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