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Jose+10 June 19, 2006

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Odds and Ends.

Adidas has put together a great football commercial (Jose+10) that you can download off their website if you know where to look for it. I’m sure a lot of you have seen it: it’s the one with the Brazilian kids that decide to play a pick-up game and imagine they’re playing with their favorite players (hence the “+10” for each side). The part where they call out Beckenbauer and Platini always gets me, and I wasn’t very familiar with either of them myself.

There’s just something about the commercial, and how it captures what’s fun about the sport. Plus the music is good, too.

I think this is the best soccer commercial to come out in years since the Nike Secret Tournament commercial a while back. Speaking of which, it’s interesting to see how players not only transfer from team to team, but from one sports company to another. For instance, you can spot Patrick Vieira in the commercial. And more recently, Thierry Henry’s thrown his lot in with Rbk. Both of them used to be in the Nike Secret Tournament spot.

But I digress. Going back to the Adidas commercial, you have to feel a little bad for “Pedro”. Theoretically, he’s 50% of the commercial, but it’s named after “Jose”. That is, assuming Pedro exists. If you look at the second spot, he seems to disappear together with the other players when the game ends after Jose is called in by his mom…



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