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1UP! May 3, 2006

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Odds and Ends, Video Games.

I have this obsession with the video games I grew up with (and continue to grow up with). Having said that, check out this video clip. It’s a live Mario Brothers presentation that seems to have been staged at a school. Suffice it to say I was thoroughly amused. How I wish I thought of this one…



1. Clarissa - May 5, 2006

yay for super mario! i loved playing that game when i was a kid.

2. Cima - May 5, 2006

Nice posts about the comics, I mean graphic novels. You make a good point about how (American) comics are priced for the merican market. The Age of Apocalypse was a very good storyline. I had the good fortune of reading it back then. The mid 90s was a cool time to be a comics geek. Part of the reason Age of Apocalypse was launched was the competition from Image Comics and independent publishers. The mid 90s also saw the dawn of glossy paper stock for comics which will assure us geekdom will pass on through the ages.

3. jangsamp - May 8, 2006

hi brian. saw this one. it is funny.
your blog is so …. you.
tc of urself there in NY.

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