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My First Blizzard March 19, 2006

Posted by Brian L. Belen in Ramblings, Show and Tell.

Truth be told, I actually decided to start this blog as far back as mid-February, for no other reason than to share pictures from the blizzard that enveloped New York on the 12th of that month. Fine: I’m obviously a victim of my own inertia, but I suppose better late than never.

Apparently, a “blizzard” is distinct from any run of the mill snow storm. If memory serves, a blizzard is so considered when snowfall is accompanied by winds of 30mph and visibility of less than a mile, both lasting approximately three or more hours (or something like that). In this case, the bulk of the snow fell from late Saturday evening to mid-Sunday, with lighter snowfall a few days thereafter.

This might be nothing new to some of you (i.e. those who’ve been anywhere with lots of snow before), but this was entirely new to me! Here were the sights to behold:

A view of East 54th Street, which is outside the door to my apartment building. Also, notice how you can barely see the street beneath the snow.

A look down East 52nd Street. See the snow on the hood of the car on the left?

3rd Avenue, looking uptown. Makes you wonder how that car on the right ever managed to get out.

Yes, those two mounds are actually cars. Of course if you were really desperate I suppose this would be a creative way to get out of a parking ticket (urban winter camoflage?).

Came across this couple desperately trying to dig out their car from under the snow. Apparently, they left the car there hours ago. I wonder how long it took them to be on their way…

What I found amazing about all this was how the city was able to cope and be back up to “business as usual” within hours. In anticipation of the snow, ploughs were already dispatched across New York to clear out the highways and streets of snow, and those responsible for doing so attempted to shovel snow from sidewalks as best they could as the snowfall began. The same story played itself out across the East Coast areas that were similarly affected. Of course, none of these were able to keep up with the snowfall, but all things considered it could have been much worse. Definitely a stark contrast to how rain and flooding tends to shut everything down back home (and in my opinion, snow is so much worse than rain…or maybe that’s just my tropical island roots talking).

Oh, and in spite of all of this, I did have class the next day. Go figure.

Now what possessed me to go out and take these pictures? Well, I wish I could say it was out of a sense of adventure, or even curiosity, but the truth is: I WAS HUNGRY! Really: I found myself cooped up indoors for most of the day and craving for some Mexican food, so decided to brave the snow to make my regular pilgrimage to the Taco Bell around the corner and down the street. Bringing the camera along was really an afterthought.

Stupid, but true.



1. Clarissa - March 20, 2006

Ah snow! How i miss it so. hehehe…Did you by any chance make snow angels? That’s like a rite of passage you know.

2. Ada Mei - March 21, 2006

Hello mr. belen! this is ada verdolaga from your 2004 pol. thought class. those are great pics of snow! it looks pretty scary though, considering that it could swallow up cars 🙂 hehe…

i got the email that you sent to the yahoo group, yes.. kicking and screaming AND BLEEDING are actual words to describe the last few weeks of fourth year pol eco. i never thought it would get this bloody 🙂

i also have a blogspot.. ‘cept that after the readings piled up, and deadlines started popping up, i couldn’t stick to writing about ‘my everyday life’ onto my blog 🙂

it’s actually good that you have one, viewing it would give us a sort of glimpse and hope of what our lives might be after blood and sweat of pol eco 🙂 hahahah.. just kidding!

take care sir!

Ada Mei Verdolaga

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